About us

The Propaneva – Energy & Propane Gas Association was founded as a non-profit organization in 1946, in order to promote the safe use and handling of propane and propane related products. Working together, the members of the Association have formed a favorable environment for propane production, distribution and marketing which demonstrate the value of propane as our nation’s most versatile energy source.

The propane industry is rapidly growing into one of the nation’s highly used fuels in the home, business, recreation and industrial settings. Propane is utilized for cooking, water heating, heating, drying, lighting, engine fuel, refrigeration, incineration, cutting and welding. Currently in the United States, over 15 billion gallons of propane are sold and approximately 60 million customers utilize propane annually. Through the use of this web site, we hope to further expand the propane marketing within .

We ask that you support our propane marketing members for all your propane needs. Thank you in advance for your support.