A Guide to the Most Important Generator Accessories: What You Will Need to Run Your Generator Effectively and Safely

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Last updated: August 08, 2023
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In order to get the most out of your portable electric generator, generator accessories are an absolute must. Although many portable generators claim to work out of the box, this is usually not the case. If you lack the necessary portable generator accessories, under certain conditions, your generator may not function properly or may become damaged. A damaged or improperly functioning generator can cause injury or death. Thus, it is vital to secure the proper accessories for your generator to ensure that it remains useful to you. The right generator accessories can not only prolong the life and preserve the function of your generator but can also help you get the most out of it by making it more convenient and allowing you to use it in different capacities, such as with your RV or as a backup generator for your home when the power goes out.


A Guide to the Most Important Generator Accessories: What You Will Need to Run Your Generator Effectively and Safely

In order to be able to hook up appliances to your portable generator, you must be able to plug your appliance into the generator. However, the plug on your appliances may not fit the outlet on your generator. Also, the kind of electricity supplied by the generator may not match your appliance and may cause damage. In such cases, an adapter is an item you should definitely consider when buying electric generator accessories.

If you are connecting with an extension cord, choose an adapter that is rated with the same power rating as the extension cord so that you do not suffer a line loss in power.

Be sure to get check both the outlet on your generator and the connection of that to which you are connecting it to determine the adapters you will need. For instance, if you are planning to connect your generator to your RV, you will need an adapter that fits your generator on one end and another adapter that plugs into the RV inlet.

  • NEMA Plug Configuration: (1) L14-30, (3)5-20R
  • Amperage: 20A
  • Power cord: 3 ft.

More features: illuminated outlets; 2500 watts per outlet and 3750 watt max when combined

The PREDATOR 3 ft. 20 Amp Generator Adapter is the ultimate adapter converter to get for guiding your generator’s power to the devices you need to charge. It can be handy in various situations including RV travel, construction sites, power outages, sailing operation, and when the weather is bad.

The PREDATOR 20-amp generator adapter is compatible with virtually all generators and can convert a four-blade L14-30 twistlock outlet into three 125v 5-20R standard grounded outlets. Moreover, the adapter has a maximum power capacity of 3750 watts and 2500 watts for each outlet.

With a NEMA Plug Configuration: (1) L14-30, (3)5-20R, the adapter is highly flexible. You can use it to guide power to various electronic devices including microwaves, hairdryers, and TVs because 5-20R is a standard North American wall outlet. Furthermore, the adapter’s 3 ft length is highly convenient. Unlike a longer cord, its current carrying capacity is high enough to power a 2500 watt device. A general rule of thumb is you should never use a generator adapter cord longer than you need if you want to make the most of it.

    What makes it special?
  • Compatible with many generator models
  • High power capacity
  • Can power various devices
  • High-quality construction
    What cons did we find?
  • Some users may find the cord length too short
  • Configuration: L14-30P; TT-30R
  • Amperage: 30A

More features: ETL listed; designated for RV generators

The The Camco Power Grip Generator Adapter is a fantastic 4-prong adapter specially designed for RV generators. You can connect a 4-prong locking receptacle with your generator and the adapter and it will adapt the connection to fit your 30-amp RV. If you pair the adapter with an extension cord that has a surge protector, you can use it for all household appliances.

The Camco adapter is super easy to use. All you have to do is connect your RV’s 30A power cord to the female end of the adapter then plug the male end into the generator’s power outlet. The adapter’s construction also makes it easy to use. It is not only ruggedly built, but also comes in a convenient contour design with non-slip grooves for easy and safe plugging.

The Camco adapter is a fantastic travel companion. It has a convenient small travel footprint that you can easily bring along anywhere you go. However, you might be unable to plug it into most outdoor 15A receptacles as they have protective doors. Therefore, you may be forced to use a 15A extension cord, making it a bulky option at the end of the day.

    What makes it stand out?
  • Easy to use
  • Rugged build
  • Easily portable
    Which disadvantages must you keep in mind?
  • Not compatible with most outdoor 15A receptacles

Parallel kit

If you find yourself in need of more power than your current portable generator provides but you do not want to purchase a larger or more powerful generator due to space constraints or other considerations, then a parallel kit may provide you with the solution to your problems. A parallel kit essentially allows you to connect another generator to your current generator and run them both in parallel with one another to supply you with more power.

Not every portable generator can be run in parallel with another generator. Check the manual for your generator or contact its manufacturer to determine if your generator can be run in parallel with another.

If your generator is compatible and you decide to purchase a parallel kit, read the instructions completely and follow them carefully to avoid hazardous situations.

  • Configuration: 30-Amp 120V Twistlock Receptacle (L5-30R); (2) 120V, 3-prong Outlets
  • Power increase: up to 3,200W (running); 4,000W (starting)
  • Designated for: Generac iQ2000 Portable Inverter Generators

More features: use a 30A RV TT-30R adapter (sold separately) for RV applications

The Generac 6877 Parallel Kit is a worthy investment if you have two iQ2000 portable inverter generators. It is cheaper to own two iQ2000 inverter generators as both of them can give you more power at an affordable price than most powerful generators with the same capacity. The smart paralleling technology will allow you to make the most out of your two generators. Connecting two inverter generators will double up your power and you can get up to 3200 running watts and 4000 starting watts to power various electrical appliances in your RV.

The Generac 6877 Parallel Kit has a durable build and is super-easy to use. Its cover is suited for all kinds of weather and is debris-proof. You can connect directly through the 120V outlets without needing separate paralleling jacks. Once you have set up the parallel connection you can connect the kit directly to your RV with an L5 30 amp receptacle. The generators may not sync immediately after connecting them and you may be forced to restart one of them for a successful connection.

    What are our favorite features?
  • Easy to use
  • Gives more power
  • Rugged weather-proof construction
    What could be better?
  • Syncing the generators may require patience occasionally
  • Configuration: 120V TT-30R(RV)
  • Frequency: 60Hz
  • Power cord: 3 ft.

More features: links 2 standard 2000w/2300w inverter generators

The Pulsar Inverter Generator Parallel Kit is the real deal for anyone who has two Pulsar inverter generators. It offers excellent value for money as it helps you get a lot of power from two standard generators without digging deep in your pockets for a high-power unit.

The Parallel kit links two standard 2000w/2300w inverter generators into one, doubling up your power so you can use any electric appliance in your RV. It is a fantastic choice for boondocking as with such a high power, you can even run an AC for maximum comfort in your RV.

Using the Pulsar Inverter Generator Parallel Kit is such a breeze. All you have to do is plug the dual pins into both generators and secure the grounding wire. The kit will then combine both units into a 120V TT 30R outlet that can support up to 30 amps.

The only downside of the Pulsar parallel kit is that its construction is a bit flimsy, compared to other kits within its range. It is made with plastic that could easily break if dropped. On the bright side, the Pulsar parallel kit is easily portable, thanks to its convenient compact build.

    Why are we impressed?
  • Doubles up power
  • Easy to set up
  • Easily portable
  • Affordable
    What negatives must you be aware of?
  • Only compatible with Pulsar generators
  • Flimsy build

Wheel kit

Your generator may not come already equipped with wheels, and it may be quite heavy and cumbersome to move from place to place. If this is the case, a wheel kit is an essential addition to your generator accessories set, as it will make your generator portable and make it much easier to transport. It is best to find a set of generator wheels which will never go flat, as they will be the easiest to maintain over time.

Each brand of generator may have a specific wheel kit designed specifically for that brand of generator. Buying the designated wheel kit for your generator will ensure that you will not need to make any changes or adjustments to the generator (no drilling). But a generic wheel kit may require some alterations to your generator.

Before you purchase a wheel kit, consult your generator manual or contact the manufacturer to decide which wheel kits will be most compatible with your particular generator.

  • Accessories included: wheels, dual tubular steel handles, rubber feet for stationary positioning
  • Materials used: rubber, steel
  • Tire size: 8 in.

More features: adjustable steel handle

Moving a generator from one point to another should never be a challenge in your household or institution with a generator wheel kit. The Predator 8 inch Never-Flat Generator Wheel Kit is a prime option if you have a 4000, 6500, or 8750 watts generator. It is perfect for anyone looking to transport a generator to their jobsite regularly or an outdoorsy person always on-the-go. If you are not sure about your generator’s size, you can check on the user’s manual or confirm from the manufacturer’s website.

Installing the generator wheel kit is very straightforward as it comes with easy to follow step by step instructions. When you get the perfect fit, the 8-inch, smooth-rolling, never-flat tires will glide easily and transport your generator where you need it. Moreover, it features rubber feet for stationery positioning. This means you would never have to uninstall the wheel kit when you get the generator to the desired destination. The adjustable steel handle makes it easier to pull.

Although the 8-inch wheels are smooth-rolling and sturdy, they are not big enough for soft ground like on the beach. However, they are sturdy enough for most terrains.

    What are its best features?
  • Easy to install
  • Easy to pull
  • Rubber feet for stationery positioning
    What could be improved?
  • The wheels are not big enough for soft ground
  • Accessories included: wheels, mounting accessories, instructions
  • Tire size: 9 in.

More features: designed for the Honda EU 3000 series; never flat tires, powder-coated

The Autoworks Wheel kit is the ultimate generator wheel kit to get for your Honda EU 3000 series. Unlike most generator wheel kits, it is all-terrain. You can use it to transport your generator on level tarmac ground, sandy beaches or rocky terrain when you go hiking.

The wheel kit is incredibly easy to install as it comes with mounting accessories and straightforward installation instructions. Once you have it all set up, you will easily move your 130 pounds Honda EU 3000 generator from one point to another. The solid 9-inch wheels are smooth-rolling as they feature heavy-duty bearings.

Although it is one of the best wheel kits in the market, the Autoworks Wheel kit has a few downsides. First off, its front wheels don’t turn, making it a bit hard to maneuver. Also, once it is assembled it increases the generator’s bulkiness, making it 6 inches longer and 4 inches wider. This means it will take up more storage space which can be a bummer for boondockers or campers who care about maximizing space for easier traveling.

    What are our favorite features?
  • Sturdy construction
  • Suitable for all terrains
  • Smooth-rolling tires
  • Powder-coated for longevity
    What could be better?
  • The front wheels do not turn
  • Only compatible with the Honda EU 3000 series

Maintenance kit

Another vital addition to your DIY generator accessories set is a maintenance kit. Your portable generator will need regular maintenance to ensure its proper and optimal function. You can usually buy a maintenance kit and any other portable generator accessories you may need from the same place in which you bought your portable generator.

A proper maintenance kit for your electric generator should contain the following: spark plugs which will be used to replace the old or worn-out spark plugs in your generator, oil which will be used to change the used oil, air filters to replace the dirty air filters, and extra oil filters to replace the dirty ones in your generator.

The maintenance you will need to perform on your generator will include the replacement of spark plugs after 100 hours of use, an oil change after every 50 to 60 hours of use, the replacement of air filters at least one to two times per year, and the replacement of the oil filter whenever the oil is changed.

  • Included: air filter, pre-cleaner, oil filter, 3qt. od synthetic oil, 2 spark plugs
  • Intended use: residential generators

More features: for Kohler 17 kW, 18 kW, and 20 kW residential generator sets

The Kohler GM62347 Maintenance Kit is a must-have for anyone who owns a 17kW, 18kW, or 20kW residential generator set. Good maintenance is the only way to extend your generator’s lifespan and this Kohler maintenance kit is all you need. Besides a longer lifespan, proper maintenance will reduce costly repairs, improve your generator’s performance, making it more reliable. Your generator will also be easier to operate which is crucial, especially if you struggle with startups.

The Kohler GM62347 Maintenance Kit has everything you need for general engine maintenance and service for various Kohler generator models including; 18RESL, 20RES, 20RESA, 20RESL, and 20RESAL. You can use the kit to change the engine’s oil, service the air cleaner, install a new oil filter, or change the spark plugs. The best news is that it comes with step-by-step instructions for all the maintenance practices.

The Kohler GM62347 Maintenance Kit features a pre-cleaner, a one-air filter, a pro-performance filter two spark plugs and two bottles of synthetic engine oil. This is all you need for a generator’s engine maintenance. Plus, the entire kit is cheaper than buying the different parts separately.

    What are our favorite features?
  • All-inclusive
  • Offers excellent value for money
  • It comes with instructions
  • Suitable for various generator models
    What could be better?
  • The spark plugs could easily get lost
  • Included: air and oil filters, spark plug and a spark plug wrench, oil funnel, stable sample
  • Intended use: portable generators

More features: for 992cc Engine

Portable generators also need scheduled maintenance to remain in top shape and perform reliably for long. If you have a portable Generac generator, this maintenance kit may be your best money spent. It has everything you may need to perform a complete maintenance on your generator. You can perform the maintenance before you hit the road or carry the kit with you and perform it at your best convenience.

Nearly all portable Generac generators require seasonal maintenance but be sure to check with the manufacturer as maintenance recommendations vary for different models. The Generac 5721 Portable Maintenance Kit is suitable for 922cc engines and it comes with an air filter, oil funnel, Stabil sample, chamois, and two spark plugs. Essentially, you can use it to change the engine oil, install a new air filter, change the oil filter, and change the spark plugs.

The maintenance kit is compatible with Generac portable 5734 and 5735 models. Its only drawback is that unlike most maintenance kits, you have to buy oil separately. Overall, it is a great generator maintenance kit for the money.

    What makes it stand out?
  • Easy to use
  • It has everything you need
  • It has great value for money
    Which disadvantages must you keep in mind?
  • It does not include oil

Transfer switch

A Guide to the Most Important Generator Accessories: What You Will Need to Run Your Generator Effectively and Safely

A transfer switch is a crucial accessory for your home backup generator or the generator for your RV. A transfer switch functions to transfer the load from one source of electricity to another source, that is, from the main supply of electricity to the backup generator. It should also be able to change the electricity load back to the main power supply when it is restored.

In the United States, portable generators which are connected to a home or another type of building are legally required to be equipped with a transfer switch. This will prevent the extremely hazardous and possibly even deadly situation of two power sources being hooked up to and feeding power into one electric circuit at the same time.

There are two kinds of transfer switches: manual transfer switches and automatic transfer switches. A manual transfer switch is a transfer switch that must be operated manually; when the main electricity supply goes out, you must flip the manual switch yourself to change to the supply of your home generator. An automatic transfer switch will switch between the two power sources automatically; it will detect when the main utility goes out and switch to the backup generator without your having to flip a physical switch and will also change the load from the generator back to the main supply once it has been restored.

It is highly recommended to hire a professional technician to install the transfer switch for you. This will ensure proper connections and eliminate the risks of fatalities from improperly installed connections.

  • Wattage: 7,500
  • Circuits: 10
  • Intended use: emergency generators with up to a 30 amp output, Nema L1430

More features: NEMA 3R rainproof rating – can be kept indoors and outdoors

If you live in an area prone to blackouts for known or unknown reasons, the Connecticut Electric EmerGen Switch should be your top priority. With this transfer switch, you can set up your entire home for an emergency along the load center. You wouldn’t need to go through the whole hassle of rewiring some sections in your home. The transfer switch easily connects your existing panel to a power generator. It is designed to be used with emergency generators that have up to 30 amp output.

Installing the Connecticut transfer switch is such a breeze, thanks to the straightforward instructions included in the package. You can install it either indoors or outdoors as it is built with a NEMA 3R rainproof rating. Moreover, it is ideal for wells water sump pump applications because of its 2-pole circuit capability and 240-volt circuits.

The best thing about the Connecticut transfer switch is that is it compatible with all residential load centers. Plus, it has a power surge protection that makes it impossible for power to back feed into the utility line or your generator when power is restored.

All considered, the Connecticut Electric EmerGen Switch is a cheaper alternative to running your portable generator without it.

    What are its best features?
  • Easy to install
  • It can be installed indoors or outdoors
  • Ideal for wells and sump pump applications
  • Compatible with all residential load centers
  • It has power surge protection
    What could be improved?
  • It is not supported by Canadian electrical code
  • Amperage: 15A
  • Operating voltage: 120V
  • Intended use: can be converted for any generator

More features: UL&CSA approved

The EZ Generator switch is a close second to the Connecticut Electric EmerGen Switch. In the generator position, it is a single-circuit 15 Amp 125-volt transfer switch and in the normal position it is 20 Amp rated. The transfer switch can control convenience outlets, heating systems, sump pumps, 120-volt well pumps, refrigerators and lighting circuits. Essentially, it can run all of your home power needs.

The EZ Generator switch comes completely pre-wired with wire nuts, 24-inch leads, back box, and easy to follow directions for connecting circuit panels or equipment. Installing it is not rocket science. All you need to do during a power outage is plug an extension cord into the transfer switch then set it in the ‘Generator’ position. This will prevent back-feeding and any mess on the breakers. When power comes back, you can set back the transfer switch to ‘Normal.’

The EZ Generator switch is compatible with Solar systems and Inverters as well. Plus, it can be converted for both bonded and floating neutral types of generators in a matter of minutes. Best of all, the switch is UL and CSA approved and the EZ company provides full support.

    What do we love it for?
  • Easy to use
  • No back-feeding or messing the breakers
  • Compatible with solar systems and inverters
    What were we disappointed with?
  • It is not ESA-approved in Canada

Extension cords

It is vital that you obtain the right kind of extension cords to which you can connect your generator. Generators are required to be positioned at a distance of fifteen feet or more from a building. Thus, extension cords will be necessary for you to connect your generator to the main electrical panel of your building.

The best kinds of extension cords to use in this situation are heavy duty extension cords which are made for extreme weather. This will ensure that you have access to the power from your generator even in adverse weather conditions when the weather may have knocked out the main supply.

Be sure to buy the power cord with the amps that correspond to the amperage necessary for your generator. This information is usually listed on the generator itself or in the user manual.

Also, remember to take into consideration the length of the extension cord and determine the length that best suits your needs. It may be helpful to consult with the technician who installs your transfer switch as to the length and thickness of the extension cords recommended for your generator.

  • Length: 40 ft.
  • Amperage: 30A
  • Voltage: 125/250V
  • Wattage: 7,500W

More features: UL certified, weather resistant

The Gear IT generator extension cord is what you need for your emergency generator. It comes in five different lengths, and this 40 ft unit is perfect for anyone looking for an ultra-portable extension cable. The cord has a robust design and weather-resistant construction that makes it suitable for various applications including providing electrical power for your home, shop, or shelter-in-place. It is also UL certified and approved for safety.

The professional grade generator extension cord is made with heavy-duty material that can withstand all the weather elements including rain, snow, wind and debris. It is the ultimate cord to get in preparation for the hurricane, typhoon and snowstorm seasons. The 30 amp 10-gauge electric generator cord features a 4-prong twist lock NEMA L14-30P to L14-30R for emergency generators.

Installing the extension cord is super-easy as it coils and uncoils effortlessly and its connectors attach quickly to equipment. Its bright green color also makes it easy to find. Although it is not cheap, you will get what you pay for as the Gear IT generator extension cord is top-quality. Moreover, it comes with a limited lifetime warranty and a 30-day satisfaction guarantee.

    What are our favorite features?
  • Durable weather-resistant construction
  • Coils and uncoils easily in any weather
  • Lifetime warranty
    What could be better?
  • Premium price point


Because portable generators (especially the more powerful ones) make a lot of noise, manufacturers have tried to produce generators which work more quietly with noise reduction features. However, this is usually not enough, especially if you plan to take your generator to a campsite where noise limit regulations are enforced at night. Thus, to make your generator even quieter, you can invest in a muffler or a silencer for your generator.

In addition to silencers or mufflers made specifically for portable generators, there is also the possibility of purchasing a car muffler and having it modified to fit your generator. If you choose to go this route, you should have a professional do the car muffler conversion for you, since car engines function quite differently from portable generators.

If noise is still too much of a problem, you may wish to consider upgrading your generator to a quieter model or to an inverter generator.

  • Material: muffler, head shield manifold and two gaskets
  • Compatible for: Honda GX240 8HP GX270 9HP – Engine / Motor

The Parts Camp Muffler Exhaust is a must-have if you own a Honda generator with either the GX240 8HP or the GX270 9HP – Engine / Motor. It reduces the exhaust noise of the engine significantly so that the exhaust gas can be discharged safely.

The muffler exhaust system is ideal for use in construction sites, breeding farms, or garden places. The entire kit should come with two gaskets, head-shield manifold and muffler.

The Parts Camp Muffler Exhaust has superior build quality. It is made with high-quality iron materials that offer solid durability with corrosion-resistance to offer long service life. The rugged build guarantees high reliability. Plus, installation is simple. For easy fitting of the muffler use new nuts. It may need a little tweaking for it to fit perfectly

The Parts Camp Muffler Exhaust offers excellent value for money. The only problem is that, it does not come with the two gaskets as advertised.

    What makes it special?
  • Easy to install
  • Reduces generator’s engine exhaust noise
  • Durable construction
  • Reliable performance
  • Corrosion-resistant
    What cons did we find?
  • It does not come with the two gaskets as advertised
  • It may need a little tweaking before it fits


A Guide to the Most Important Generator Accessories: What You Will Need to Run Your Generator Effectively and Safely

If you intend to leave your portable generator outdoors, you should invest in a proper cover for your generator. Ideally, a generator should be stored indoors when it is not in use, but this is not always possible or convenient with particularly heavy or large generators. Thus, to shield your generator from rain and other inclement weather, a weatherproof cover may be necessary. This will keep your generator from becoming damaged by weather conditions and by dirt, rust, and dust.

When selecting a cover for your generator, be sure it is of the right size for your generator and that it is rated as weatherproof and will therefore offer your generator the adequate protection it needs from the elements.

  • Material: 600D polyester with PVC coating
  • Dimensions: 32 x 24 x 24 inches (other sizes available)
  • Warranty: 45-day refund; 1-year limited

The Himal generator cover is a worthy buy if you use your generator in the outdoors a lot. The cover can fit most 2000 to 5000 watt generators that measure (32 x 24 x 24 Inch). It comes in other size options for smaller and larger generators. The cover will protect your generator against all the weather elements including rain, sun, snow, rocks and debris, increasing its longevity.

The Himal generator cover is durably made with high-grade 6000D polyester fabric and a PVC coating to withstand all the harsh weather elements. Its design is ultra-convenient as it is easy to strap on and is wind-resistant. It features an elastic hem cord, Velcro and bottom strap that make it stay in place in windy conditions. if you get the right size for your generator, you can count on it for full protection and you wouldn’t have to haul your generator back and forth because of bad weather.

Furthermore, Himal backs the generator cover durability claims with a 1-year limited warranty and 45-day satisfaction guarantee. You will get a free exchange or refund if you return the cover 45 days after purchase.

    What are its best features?
  • High-quality, lightweight material
  • Multiple size options
  • 1-year limited warranty and 45-day satisfaction guarantee
    What could be improved?
  • The material is not as heavy as advertised
  • Materials: heavy-duty waterproof tarpaulin, metal frame
  • Dimensions: 33 x 25.5 x 18.5 inches
  • Warranty: 3-year limited

The IGAN generator cover is a superior quality generator cover that you can use both as storage and running cover. With the cover, you can safely run your generator outdoors in any weather. It is compatible with virtually all 3500 watts to 12000 watts generators with a square or tubular shape. The IGAN advantage cover is ideal for protecting your generator from rain high winds, snow, and wet weather.

The IGAN cover comes in a well-thought patented design that ensures all the sensitive parts of your machine are fully protected. It is super-easy to assemble as it comes with easy-to-follow instructions. Plus, after assembly, it doesn’t add to the generator’s bulkiness, and thus would not take up much storage space.

The IGAN generator cover’s ruggedness is unmatched. It is made with a high-strength stainless steel frame for longevity. Its 100% waterproof tarp is also ultra- heavy-duty and can hold up well to different weather elements. It is not the most lightweight generator cover, coming in at 9 lbs but its robustness is unmatched. IGAN offers a 3-year warranty cover, which speaks volumes about the generator cover’s construction quality.

    What are our favorite features?
  • High-quality weather-proof material
  • Offers full protection for sensitive generator parts
  • It can be used as a storage and running cover
    What could be better?
  • Premium price point

Remote control start kit

When you are considering what accessories are needed for a portable generator, you may add a remote start kit to the list if you want to enjoy the convenience of being able to start your generator without having to walk to its physical location. This can be helpful if your generator is in a location that is not so easy to access.

A remote control start kit may consist of either a wireless remote control or a remote control which is connected to your generator by an extremely long cable. In either case, you will need to check the specifications of your portable generator to determine whether a remote start can be installed. It is also recommended to secure the services of a professional to install your remote start kit.

  • Parameters: engine RPM, battery voltage, water temperature, oil pressure; generator phase voltage, current, frequency, current hours and accumulated time
  • Dimensions: 3 x 3 x 2.1 inches

The YOKDEN DC20D-MK2 module controller would be a convenient addition to your generator accessories collection. It displays a myriad parameters for various sensors and gensets. Installing the controller is a no-brainer thanks to the easy to follow instructions included in the package. Its ultra-lightweight build also makes it easy to install. Other convenient items included in the controller module package are two mounting screws and a cable.

The controller module features a display that shows different parameters like water temperature, Engine RPM, battery voltage, oil pressure, current, frequency, Generator phase voltage, current hours, and accumulated time. All these parameters allow you to check your generator’s engine and overall performance conveniently.

It also allows you to control and protect your generator with 20 different alarm and protection settings like emergency stop, Start/Stop failure, Low oil pressure stops, Over/Under voltage frequency, Over/Under speed stop, Low fuel level alarm and many others.

Furthermore, the YOKDEN DC20D-MK2 module controller has a durable build with an IP54 dustproof and waterproof level, thus ideal for outdoor use. However, keep in mind that IP54 waterproof level can only withstand light showers.

    What do we love it for?
  • Lightweight yet durable
  • Dustproof and waterproof construction
  • Easy installation
  • Easy to use
  • Multiple protection and alarm parameters
    What were we disappointed with?
  • Setting the parameters for the first time can be tedious

Fuel stabilizer

If you are intending to store gasoline or diesel inside your generator for a period of time, then your list of portable generator accessories should include a fuel stabilizer. A fuel stabilizer serves to prevent the buildup of gum and preserves your fuel in a fresh state and in a good condition so you can use the generator at any time without any fuel problems. Otherwise, without a fuel stabilizer, you will be forced to drain the fuel from your generator each time before you store it.

The fuel stabilizer should be added to the generator at the time when you refuel your portable generator. Fuel that is already stale cannot be refreshed by fuel stabilizer. If you have simultaneously added fuel stabilizer when refueling your generator, the fuel should remain in a fresh state for several months.

If your generator is solar powered or natural gas powered, a fuel stabilizer is not necessary.

  • Application: all gasoline engines
  • Keeps fuel fresh for: up to 24 months
  • Treats up to: 20 gal.

The STA-BIL storage fuel stabilizer is essential if you use your generator occasionally. It eliminates the need to empty your generator’s engine fuel before storage. The stabilizer can keep the fuel in the engine fresh and effective for 24 months. It is effective on all types of fuel including ethanol and non-ethanol blended gas.

With the STA-BIL storage fuel stabilizer you don’t have to dread starting your generator after storing it for long. It guarantees you quick and easy starts as you wouldn’t even have to fill up the engine. Moreover, it works with all types of engines, including 2-cycle engines. It also prevents gum and varnish build-up.

The manufacturer recommends adding STA-BIL when the fuel is still fresh. You can also add it to fuel before storing in a can. According to the manufacturer, the best practice is to use STA-BIL while you are still at the gas pump.

Besides your generator’s small engine, STA-BIL can be useful in bulk gas storage, boat engines, and collector car engines. For versatile application, add the fuel stabilizer to your fuel storage can so that each equipment you fill up with fuel from the can is treated.

    What are our favorite features?
  • Keeps fuel fresh for 24 months
  • Multiple size options
  • Effective for all types of fuel
  • It can be used on all types of engines
  • Ensures easy engine start after long storage
    What could be better?
  • Premium price tag
  • Application: all gasoline engines
  • Keeps fuel fresh for: up to 24 months
  • Treats up to: 256 gal.

The Star Tron Fuel Enzyme treatment concentrate will help you stabilize and rejuvenate old gasoline that as stayed for long either in the generator or in a storage bottle. This means that it can make any fuel combustible. It also cures ethanol problems, reduces emissions, improves MPG and increases horsepower. The enzyme technology works to clean the fuel delivery system so that your generator’s engine starts easily and runs strong.

The Star Tron fuel enzyme treatment guarantees optimal generator performance as it helps improve MPG, removes carbon build-up black soot and exhaust stains. You can use it everyday or store it for up to two years for seasonal use.

The best thing about Star Tron fuel enzyme treatment is that it is safe for all types of engines. Besides your generator’s engine, you can use it to improve other machines’ engines like a lawn mower, boat, motorcycles, tractors, truck, farm equipment, and other small engines.

Using the Star Tron fuel enzyme treatment is super-easy as it comes with clear guidelines from the manufacturing. Plus, overdosing is not harmful.

    Why is it special?
  • Easy to use
  • Increases fuel economy
  • Remains efficient for as long as 2 years after purchase
  • Overdosing is not harmful
  • Versatile
    What are the flaws?
  • For other engines, it takes a lot to show improvement

Cold weather kit

A cold weather kit will be a necessary part of your electric generator accessories kit if you intend to use the generator in a colder climate. The cold weather kit will enable you to keep your generator running properly in cold weather and prevent it from being damaged by temperatures which are lower than normal.

The battery in your portable generator may stop working if the temperature falls too low. The oil in your generator can become too thick to allow your generator to function properly. Thus, a cold weather kit for will contain a heater for your battery which is activated when the temperature falls below a certain point and an oil heater to keep your oil smooth and thin.

  • Intended use: 8kW – 24kW series Generac, Guardian, Centurion, Watchdog, Honeywell, Siemens, & Eaton residential automatic home-standby generators
  • Temperature recommended: below 32 degrees

The HesGenerator cold weather kit is a fantastic generator accessory to buy if you own an 8kW-24kW Generac series generator, a Guardian, Centurion, Watchdog, Siemens, Honeywell, and Eaton residential generator. It is perfect for anyone who lives in an area that experiences extremely cold temperatures. If the weather in your area falls below 32 degrees Fahrenheit, this cold weather kit should be your prime kit.

Generators fail to start or perform optimally in cold temperatures because engine oil and batteries freeze. This cold weather kit has a thermostat that activates the battery warmer and crankcase oil heater whenever temperature goes below 32 degrees Fahrenheit to keep the generator’s battery at optimum functioning temperature.

Installing the cold weather kit on your generator is child’s play. It comes with user instructions that will need some patience to follow, as they are lackluster. If you find the instructions too hard to follow you can look up the installation process on YouTube.

Also, the manufacturer recommends changing the engine oil and oil filter to improve the engine’s start capability before installing the cold weather kit.

    Why did it make our list?
  • Compatible with multiple generator models
  • Keeps generators functioning optimally in cold weather
    What is not ideal about it?
  • Installation instructions are hard to follow

In conclusion

Equipping your generator with suitable generator accessories can make your generator more convenient to use. It can also protect your generator from becoming damaged, prolong the longevity and function of your generator, and, in some cases, prevent injury or fatality. In order to ensure the safest, longest-lasting, and most convenient generator experience, invest in portable generator accessories suitable to your particular model of generator.

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