Rodney Nestor
Rodney Nestor
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Rodney holds a Master’s degree in Arts and apart from working as a freelance writer, is a rather successful author of science fiction stories published in several literary read more
Last updated: August 09, 2023

Honda EU1000i Review

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Rodney Nestor
Rodney Nestor
Research Writer
Rodney holds a Master’s degree in Arts and apart from working as a freelance writer, is a rather successful author of science fiction stories published in several literary read more
Last updated: August 09, 2023
Propaneva is reader-supported. We may earn a commission through products purchased using links on this page. Learn more about our process here
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Finding that perfect portable generator is not an easy task, but don’t worry too much. It is all about finding the perfect model for yourself. The Honda EU1000i is an excellent generator if you are looking to invest in a premium model. Coming from the trustworthy house of Honda, this super-quiet inverter generator will serve all your needs. The generator’s ideal for both recreation and emergencies.

It is versatile enough to be used both indoors and outdoors. Plus, it is lightweight and portable, fuel-efficient and, therefore, environment-friendly. You end up saving some money. This generator is perfect for camping, tailgating, and any other tasks that do not require a lot of power at once. However, are there any downsides to this generator? In our Honda EU1000i, we’re trying to figure it out.

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Generator type
Fuel type
Surge watts
Running watts
AC voltage
49.4 ccHonda GXH50
Starting method
Fuel tank capacity
0.6 gal.
Run time
7.1 hours at 1/4 load, 3.2 hours at rated load
15A 125V Duplex
Noise level
42 dB(A) at 1/4 load, 50 dB(A) at rated load
17.7 x 9.4 x 15 inches
28.7 pounds
2-year (residential), 1-year (commercial)

Honda EU1000i review

This lightweight inverter generator from Honda runs on gasoline and is easy to use. With a fuel tank capacity of 0.6 gallons, this model is perfect for smaller emergencies. One of the biggest advantages of this generator is its quiet operation. It produces a maximum noise level of just 59 dBA when the machine is at full power. As a result, it can be used in residential areas and even campsites.

The Honda GHX50 4-stroke 49cc engine is of high quality and will not wear down easily. The design is reliable, and you can expect the generator to give you many years of reliable service. You will get about 3.8 hours of run time when you use the generator at full capacity. If you use the generator at a 25% to 50% load, you can get a runtime of 8 hours or more.

The power output stands at 900W for continuous load, but the peak load capacity is 1000W. You can use the generator to power televisions and computers easily. The Honda EU1000i will not limit you in terms of power output. You will have access to parallel connection ports so that you can connect the generator to other Honda inverter generators with the same feature. Hence, you will be able to increase your power outlet.

Overall performance

The Honda EU1000i works very well even in rugged conditions. It has all the provisions to be functional both indoors and outdoors. The portable generator produces very little noise, and you can use it for long stretches of time without any problem. You can expect 1000 starting and 900 running watts.

Fuel tank capacity and run time

The fuel tank capacity of the model stands at 0.6 gallons. While that is not massive, it will be sufficient for small emergencies. You can expect 7.1 hours of runtime at 25% load and 3.2 hours of runtime at full capacity.

Control panel and outlets

Most of the controls on the model are placed in one panel, which is easy to navigate. You will find that the engine switch and the starter grip are located on the side. Every button can be distinguished without any trouble. The Eco-Throttle switch is helpful when you want to make the generator more fuel-efficient. It will adjust the engine speed according to the load on the machine.

You can also use the parallel connection outlets to connect your model with another and increase the power output. The generator comes with two standard 120V power outlets and an 8A 12V DC outlet. You do not have an electric starter on this model, but that does not pose a problem.

Ease of use

You will find that the EU1000i is very easy to use. You will have no problem understanding the control panel. You can track the performance of the generator easily. The absence of the electric start means that you have to use the traditional recoil method to switch on the machine.

Safety features

Honda EU1000i ReviewThe generator comes with basic safety features to make the experience more secure for you. The DC Circuit Protector shuts off the circuit automatically if the battery gets overloaded. The Overload Indicator signals when the generator is overloaded and cuts off the power supply. The Low Oil Indicator shuts off the engine when it detects an oil shortage.

Noise level

One of the quietest models on the market, the Honda EU1000i will not disturb you in any way when you are working. The system cuts down on noise very well. In fact, the generator makes about 53 dBA of noise when it is running at around 50% capacity. The noise rises to 59 dBA when the generator is at full power.


You will find that this model is highly portable. Firstly, the size of the generator is small, with dimensions of just 22.3 x 13.2 x 19.8 inches. You will be able to fit it in any room you want. It will also not cause a problem when you carry it during your camping/RV trips. Additionally, the Honda EU1000i weighs just 29 pounds, which means that it is very lightweight. You will have no problem taking it from place to place manually.

Maintenance and warranty

The company offers an excellent warranty on this product. You will get two years of residential and one year of commercial warranty.

Key features

  • The Honda EU1000i is equipped with an original Honda GXH50 49.4 cc engine that is of premium quality and will run for a long time.
  • This generator comes with a motor that can deliver up to 1000 starting watts along with 800 running watts of power.
  • You can use this generator to run a variety of appliances. You will even have the flexibility of running sensitive gadgets like laptops with the help of this model.
  • It comes with the standard combination of outlets, a 12V DC output, and a 120V 8.3 amps AC.
  • You have to use the traditional manual recoil mechanism when you want to start the generator.
  • The compact and small design of the generator makes it lightweight and easily portable. Weighing just 29 pounds, it can be used both indoors and outdoors.
  • This is an appropriate generator to use in more rugged conditions.
  • The construction of the generator is of high quality, and you will find that it is very sturdy and durable.
  • The generator produces just up to 50 dB of noise even at the highest load so that you can be free of distractions.
  • The Honda EU1000i comes with parallel connection ports, which means that you will be able to connect it one or more Honda generators that have the same feature.
  • Exceptionally lightweight, compact, and portable
  • Negligible noise at the time of operation, with the sound level ranging between 53 and 59 dBA
  • Perfect to take on camping trips, especially when you are traveling in a recreational vehicle
  • Highly advanced inverter technology providing stable and clean power
  • Auto shut-off preventing the engine from excessive wear and tear
  • Eco-throttle system that adjusts the engine speed according to the power load in order to save power
  • Can be used for up to 8.3 hours at a stretch
  • You will find that this Honda inverter generator is on the pricier side. The brand focuses on giving you the best quality products as a result of which the price tends to go up
  • Unlike many generators in this price range, this model does not come with an electric start option



Maci Leon

I need to power a 300-watt machine and I’m wondering would EU1000i be good enough? Or is there a better model you could recommend? Weight and noise level are important. I have a 37lb generator right now that’s a little hard to lift but I can get help lifting something that’s under 100 lbs. Also the one I have now is 70 dB and I would need one that’s much quieter.

Dominic Cannon

I have a Honda, and it is the best option. Get a Honda eu1000i for that wattage. I have made the mistake of buying a cheap generator which broke down in less than two months. But I got another one and it still works. So, Honda eu1000i is by far the better choice.

Shyla Oneill

Borrowed Honda eu1000i from my cousin. How do I start it?

Annabella Farley

Disconnect all appliances before you start it. 1) In a well-ventilated area, remove the fuel cap. Fill the generator with unleaded petrol. Replace fuel cap. 2) Make sure the vent switch on the top of the fuel cap is turned to ‘on.’ 3) Turn the engine switch to ‘on’ position. 4) Use Choke when the temperature is high. 5) Pull the starter grip gently until you feel some resistance. Then pull it quickly and make sure you do not let go of the handle as it springs back. 6) Adjust the choke when the engine is running well. 7) Allow it to run without load for at least 2 minutes

James Howard

I can’t decide on which one to buy- Honda eu1000i or eu2200i. I want it to operate at full power on SSB (100W), and also run 20-30W on digital modes like FT8. At the same time power a laptop to run the FT8 and logging software, as well as charge a gel battery to operate overnight. The eu1000i would be my preference, because it is the cheapest and has the most space. But the specs say that it is only good for 7.5A. If you need 8A for your power supply, then you’ll need to get the 2200 instead of this one. What do you guys think?

Sebastian Moreno

The PSU is rated max 23A at 14.5V = 334W. Let’s say 90% efficient, 334/0.9 = 370W. So on the A/C side current draw would be 370/120 = 3.1A @120V. Now let’s look at the charger for my laptop and other devices that are plugged in to power cord that usually draws about 80W of energy, or 500W in total. I’m thinking about one too. The 2200i is more versatile, and while the 1000i weighs less (29 vs. 47 pounds), I don’t anticipate drawing more than half of the rated capacity (yeah, always plan for more than you need would mean upsizing)

Finnegan Norris

Inverter generators are better than other types. They save a lot of fuel when they are not running at full power. I have a 3kW inverter generator and it uses less than one litre of fuel per hour when delivering less than 1kW. Conventional generators use more fuel and need to be sized to run continuously. I have the 3kW because can power most of the motors that I own like my furnace, freezers, power tools, portable compressor etc. Traditional generators are better than inverters at delivering the starting surge that motors require to spin up. If you want a generator for emergencies and things like running your radio gear, bigger is better. (And heavier too.)

Sullivan Holloway

Does anyone know, are Honda generators pure sine wave?

Rex Choi

Most generators produce a sine wave although it can be noisy. Honda inverter generators produce a good approximation of a sine wave depending on the load. The purity of a sine wave depends on how pure the load is that is put on the generator. For instance, if you have a switch mode power supply, it will introduce noise into the power output from your generator. A variable frequency drive (VFD) may use power in an uneven way and this makes demands on your voltage regulator system which can’t fully meet them.

Maliyah Novak

On their website Honda say they are. You should look for inverter generators if you want pure sign wave.

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