What Can a 3500 Watt Generator Run?

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Last updated: August 14, 2023
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Generators come in handy during power outages. Most people keep their generator in store just in case they need it. If you are planning on getting a generator, one question that should be running through your mind is “what can a 3500 watt generator run?” The 3500 watt generator is one of the most powerful generators you will find. Today, there are many brands in the market, but the most preferred one among most buyers is the Generac brand. According to most reviews, you will find more people rate the Generac iQ3500 high because it saves more on gas. There are also other great brands like WEN and Powermate.

Generators don’t create electricity but instead, uses both mechanical and motor movement to generate power. Knowing the right size of generator to buy is important because it will determine the appliances it will run. If you don’t have the right wattage, there is every possibility that it can end up damaging your appliances.

What Appliances Will A 3500 Watt Generator Run?

What Can a 3500 Watt Generator Run?One of the best options when buying a generator is the 3500-watt generator. This heavy-duty device is capable of supplying several medium-sized home appliances with electricity. With this generator size, you will get an electricity supply of around 14amps to 240volts of power. The 3500watt generator can power the following appliances:

Energy Saving LED

It will certainly power all the lights in your house, and especially the LED or CFL lights. These bulbs do not consume much power, and their wattage is usually about 14watts each.


You can use your refrigerator with a 3500-watt generator. An average freezer uses 700watts but will need up to 2100 watts of power to start, and the same applies to a refrigerator.

 1/3 hp Sump Pump

It can also power this appliance because the sump pump uses about 516watts and will start with 1550watts of power.

Home Appliances

Other home appliances you can run on this type of generator are your blender, electric grill, coffee maker, electric heater, LED television, laptops, hairdryer, DVDs, and a portable fan. You should, however, not run all of these mentioned items all at the same time. When you do so, it can end up damaging the generator by causing it to overload.

Will A 3500 Watt Generator Run Your RV?

One of the most powerful appliances in an RV is the air conditioner. The air conditioning system will need up to 3500 watts of power to start, and this is just for a 15,000BTU air conditioner which is very common in most RVs. However, some of the smaller RVs and trailers use a smaller air-conditioning system. It has a 13,500BTU unit which doesn’t use as much power, and you will still have about 2000watts of power left to run other appliances in the RV. You can still use a microwave oven which will consume 1000watts and a toaster. You won’t be running the other appliances for long. You will probably need your microwave or hairdryer for about two to ten minutes. The major appliance for your RV is the air conditioner.

There is also the RVs battery bank which powers the 12 bolt system. You can use a 3500 watts generator to recharge the batteries of the RV. The RVs battery system powers the lights, water pump, fans, power jack, power awning, and thermostat. All of these run on the power bank system. It also has other appliances that run off the power bank like the refrigerator, water heater, and heater.

The battery of the RV comes with an inbuilt rechargeable system, which allows you to plug your RV into an electrical power supply. You can use this cable system to connect to a generator.

You can use a 3500 watts generator to power the batteries because it is very powerful.

Benefits of Buying a 3500-watt Generator

What Can a 3500 Watt Generator Run?It is always important to consider the appliances you have before you purchase any generator. The 3500-watt generator is one of the most powerful generators you can get for your household appliances, and there are many benefits to buying it.

Runs Multiple Appliances

One of the reasons most people go for the 3500-watt generator is its capacity to run several appliances. With this generator, you can power all the lighting in your home and also the smaller appliances. This generator is ideal for everyday use both at home and at your business places. It can power medium-sized appliances and will help you run your household activities with comfort. It usually weighs about 150 pounds and is easy to move to any location you need it.

Affordable Cost

The 3500-watt generator is one of the most fuel-efficient generators you can get. Most generators around this will save on gas. You can run the generator for 8 to 10 hours with only about 3 gallons of gas. Also, the 3500-watt generators are generally affordable. Their prices are great considering how efficient this generator is.

Final Thoughts

If you are thinking of getting a new generator, we recommend you get a 3500-watt generator. Your generator will serve you during any power outage and when you need it in remote areas. It is versatile, and you can take it anywhere around. You will also be able to power most of your appliances without any hassles. You will get value for your money because of its efficiency. Most people prefer the 3500 watts generator because of the comfort it brings, and if you have an RV, it will come in handy. There are many brands of generators in the market today, and you must go for the right products. You will get valuable information from first-hand reviews from customers who have used the product online before making any commitments. Most times, the manufacturers usually have a warranty on the generator. However, the most important thing you should consider before you go ahead to buy any generator is to ask what can a 3500 watt generator run? This will help you in your purchase decision, so you don’t end up with the wrong generator.

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