Chairman of NPGA, Bimson Maggi Is Ready to “Fight for the Propane Industry”

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Last updated: September 09, 2023
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As reported on 15th June of 2022, Michelle Bimson Maggi considered her journey and took a stance at the podium for the sake of making her incoming remarks as the very first female chair of the NPGA (National Propane Gas Association).

The peak of her career was not far from her roots as Bimson Maggi was raised in Upper Marlboro, Maryland. The location is about 10 miles from where she was first sworn in as chair. Bimson Maggi went on about how Washington, D.C., has always been her “backyard” and how deeply she was hooked by its “astonishing energy”.

NPGA’s First Female Chair

The beginnings of her journey were filled with dedication and work when in she helped obliterate the barrier for NPGA in the nation’s capital and along the process, she aimed to energize its membership.

It was not long after that Bimson Maggi was catching eyes, that the president and Chief Executive Officer of NPGA told her that he hopes she is wearing shoes for her long journey as there is glass everywhere she will take a step.

At the time of being vice president of law at AmeriGas, Michelle B. Maggi recognized the crucial importance of the moment and to express her feelings she stated how proud she feels to have become NPGA’s first female chair. In addition, Michelle stated that she hopes that she can perform in an exemplary manner for other women who look up to her and feel encouraged to undertake leadership positions within the association.

In one of her statements, Michelle explained how the propane industry requires people from all different backgrounds, professions, and capabilities to meet the challenges that await everyone in this journey towards success and the betterment of society.

The Propane Industry Present State

A fair portion of Michelle B. Maggi’s 12-minute speech was centralized on the present state of the propane industry and the difference-making potential of the NPGA’s members, for when they get involved, speak up and work towards making a change in the national energy narrative. In her speech, she referenced the famous Theodore Roosevelt’s “Man in the Arena” speech. To clarify, the reference credits “the man who is actually in the arena, whose face is riddled with dust, sweat and blood…”

By making this expressive reference and highlighting that the stakes have never been higher before in the history of mankind, Michelle went on to talk about how the electrify-everything movement has hijacked the national conversation on the very future of energy, and that each and everyone involved in the industry must enter the “arena” and tell the story of their battle.

More About Michelle B. Maggi

A summary about Michelle is that she earned a bachelor’s in government and politics from the University of Maryland and a Juris Doctor at Widener. Having said that, she is fully confident that she is certainly the right person, and at the right time to chair the NPGA. Michelle spent her long striving career in the quest of acquiring the essential skills to prepare for this challenge. She spent the majority of her time learning how the government functions, how the legal system works, and finally how a propane company operates. Finally, moving towards the end of her speech, she said “We need to get into the arena and fight for the industry”. In other words, she made a strong introduction while encouraging everyone to get on board with the strategies and plans she has in mind for the industry.

In an additional change to Bob Barry of Bergquist being replaced by Michelle B. Maggi, the NPGA appointed Mike Hopsicker of Ray Murray Inc. as the treasurer, Meritum Energy Holdings’ Tom Van Buren as vice-chair and Blue Star Gas’ Jeff Stewart as chair-elect.

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