IEEE PES Grid Edge Technologies Conference and Exposition in Details

This article will share a curriculum of the conference focused to improve the productivity, efficiency, and interoperability of the grid.
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Last updated: August 27, 2023
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The (1EEE) Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Power and Energy Society is set to host the first-ever Grid Edge Technologies Conference & Exposition in 2023. It’s a four-day event running between the 10th and 13th of April and will take place in San Diego, California. So, is it something you should consider attending, and if so, what are the most important details apart from the dates? Find out below.

Why Should You Attend?

The expo is a collaborative forum bringing together organizations and individuals focused on providing enhanced productivity, efficiency, and interoperability in the power grid. Some of the organizations in question include municipalities, big tech, policymakers, startups, and utilities. Also, academics are included among the attendees since their work could benefit the grid.

Naturally, having all these stakeholders in one place provides multiple opportunities to network for regular attendees as well.

The planning for the event has mostly been completed, with the Power and Energy Society providing the initial schedule for interested parties. Some of the exciting segments in the schedule include tutorials, technical tours, networking sessions, conferences, presentations, etc. That said, this is only the initial plan, and there could be changes as the event approaches.

Featured Participants

The list of participants who’ve already confirmed attendance is another reason to consider attending the conference. Some big names include Microsoft, Meta, Siemens, the U.S. Department of Energy, the North American Electric Reliability Corporation(NERC), California ISO, Dominion Energy, etc.

There’s also the host, San Diego Gas & Electric(SDGE).

How to Attend the 2023 IEEE PED Grid Edge Technologies Conference and Exposition

There are several registration options for the event. You can register as a member of PES or the IEEE. However, if you’re not a member and want to change that, you’ll need to do it well before the conference date.

Non-members who aren’t interested in joining either of the two organizations are also allowed to register for the event. Lastly, there are grid edge utility packages.

Notably, even speakers must register before attending. Also, you don’t have to register online, with onsite registration available throughout the four-day conference.

Featured Sessions

The featured sessions are some of the most interesting segments of the conference and exhibition. With them, you’ll see industry leaders discuss and break down trends that continue to shape the grid edge.

One example of a featured session included in the event is “managing electrification.” It’s slotted for the 11:15 am-12:00 PM session on the conference’s second day. The main speakers for the session include California ISO CEO Elliot Mainzer, SDG&E COO Kevin Geraghty, and NERC SVP Mark Lauby, alongside a moderator.

Another example is the “Reliability and Resiliency” session slotted for the next day. Key speakers include the Portland General Electric SVP, Larry Bekkedahl, Oncor SVP, Mark Carpenter, and AECOM SVP, Denise Casalino.

There are, of course, multiple other featured sessions to attend and learn from.


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Access smart grid innovation through a robust technical education program backed by IEEEs esteemed standards and the convergence of grid edge technology on the show floor.
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